yourlowismyjoy asked:

Hey, I was browsing through the wolfstar tag and the fic you linked was sooo good, thanks for that! Kept me up till like 5 in the morning haha. Care to link some more fics you enjoyed? x

eccentricallypeculiar answered:

I know it’s been months since you sent in this ask and that means I pretty much fail at life, but I drew the biggest blank in regards to your ask until only recently. So, please accept my sincere apology for the delay and a belated rec list. 

The Northern Line- non-magic AU. 

Every morning before work, Sirius dodges his mother’s barbs, runs the family business, sorts his brother’s blunders, and trades insults with his best friend. He also falls in love.

Finest in Fairford- Another non-magic AU. Also a met in a coffee shop fic.

Remus Lupin’s job in a Fairford coffee shop is always uneventful, until an exotic new customer begins leaving messages with his tips.

Mediocrity is Extraordinary- Angst with a happy ending.

Set in their sixth year at Hogwarts, Sirius has trouble dealing with the thought that he is incredibly mediocre, and how could somebody as mediocre as he is possibly deserve someone as extraordinary as Remus?

Remus Lupin and the Stolen Time-Turner- Fix It Fic.

Remus desperately attempts to locate a time-turner in order to prevent the death of Sirius Black.

Just Sex- This is hot, and smutty. And features dominant alpha Remus. I wasn’t thrilled with James’s characterization, but enjoyed the fic overall. 

December 1979: Remus and Sirius find out that sex complicates things. But not always in a bad way.

That Old Black Magic- I don’t remember this fic all that well, to be honest, but I gave it Kudos, so I must have liked it, since  I tend to withhold Kudos if I’m unsure or iffy about a fic.

AU in which Remus, being as he is a werewolf and all, is homeschooled til he is 16. Hogwarts is something of an experience, not least because there’s this boy called Sirius Black.

The Latest Fashion, Old Boy- Kinky shenanigans with a collar. 

During his sixteen years in this world, Sirius Black has been known to make some fashion decisions that would best be described as interesting. Not the least of which is his latest find, something as yet unseen in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly—namely, the bit of black leather and silver peeking out from his shirt collar.

The Arrangementhas some internalized homophobia and cognitive dissonance, but it gets dealt with and there’s a happy ending.  

Sirius isn’t gay. Neither is Remus. They just happen to be sleeping together a lot.

//This was by no means a comprehensive list of all the wonderful wolfstar fics I’ve read. I can think of numerous others off the top of my head to which I couldn’t find links, but hopefully it’s a good starting place for you. 

I do not know what the rumbling is. I do not know why some doors work and other do not. I do not know why my phone never loses battery power, and can heal itself. I do not know how long it will take me to pursue this knowledge. But I do know two things.”

"What is that?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too. What’s the other thing?"

"You just said it.

Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 51: Rumbling

Story time: A few years ago, I was going through some old documents from my grandmother’s family, and I found a series of telegrams that my great-grandfather sent my great-grandmother. Guess what they said?

  • Miss Eleanor Dietrich (21 Jun 1922)
  • 703 9 Ave Helena Mont
  • Leaving for Jordan this PM I know two things.  -Van
  • Miss Eleanor Dietrich (8 Jul 1922)
  • 703 Ninth Ave Helena Mont
  • Trailing cattle home do you know two things.  -Van
  • Miss Eleanor Dietrich (23 Jul 1922)
  • 703 9 Ave Helena Mont
  • Crossed Yellowstone do you know two things I do.  -Van
  • Miss Eleanor Dietrich (1 Aug 1922)
  • 703 9 Ave Helena Mont
  • Do you know two things today I do hooray.  -Van